Your eye care records are held in a secure online Electronic Health Record system, and the information within that system can be viewed in small, easily understood pieces. The Personal Health Record called Revolution PHR allows you to log in through the internet and see your eye care record information on your own computer.

We will provide you the information necessary to gain access to Revolution PHR. If you have any questions about how to view your information, contact Doctors Eyecare Centers and the staff can assist you.

The information that can be viewed includes:

Provider Information: A summary of the doctors’ practice information including address, phone
numbers, and website.

Patient Information: You can view or update your contact information such as: address, telephone number or email address.

Patient Account: You can view and download your account invoices and current balance.

Appointments: You can schedule or reschedule an appointment and also view and download reports of past office visits. You can also forward this information to your other doctors.

Orders: You can view a summary of eyeglass and contact lens orders and status.

Steps to Access Revolution PHR:

1. Access the internet through your preferred internet browser on any PC or MAC computer or iPad.
2. In the internet address bar (Toolbar) type this address:
3. Insert the Username and temporary Password created for you.
4. You will be prompted to create a new Password.